Get Started with a Senior Living Marketing Measurement Plan

A measurement plan is a marketing document created to help define how marketing KPIs will be measured. It should help with web and non-web analytics. The document should be created after KPIs are already established but you might just stumble across some new ones as you build the measurement plan.

You can choose to detail how you’ll measure KPIs and you can even outline how you’ll measure less important metrics here as well.

Meeting 1: Marketing Team

Your first meeting should be a brief one with the internal marketing team. The goal of this meeting is to document the basics: how leads get processed by marketing and how they get sent to sales or the facility director. You should be able to get 80% of the marketing metrics well defined and documented in this meeting.

Meeting 2: Sales

This is a meeting with sales: whether it be with a facility director or VP of sales. The goal of this meeting is to:

  • Get agreement on what is a lead and what isn’t a lead
  • Understand what details sales needs and doesn’t need
  • Understand how the sales process works after “marketing throws the lead over the fence”
  • Understand how leads come in that you might not be able to track (walk-ins, etc)

Ideally, you’ll come away from this meeting with some new ideas on how marketing can help sales close more business AND how to get business metrics back into marketing.

Sample Senior Living Measurement Plan

Measurement plans can take several forms: some are in a plain word document, and others could be in a sheet. I prefer spreadsheets because they are slightly easier to implement and QC. Want to copy and use the below measurement plan? Here’s the link, go for it!

senior living measurement plan

Implementing the Measurement Plan

Implementing a measurement plan usually spans a few different platforms and how you roll it out will vary depending on which platforms you need to edit. In general, my process is:

  1. Integrate & connect platforms where needed
  2. Setup events
  3. Setup goals
  4. Import conversions
  5. Test & QC

Make sure to include all your platforms where conversions may happen, whether they’re on Roobrik (we integrate with that), SiteStaff (we integrate with them too), or your CRM.

What’s Next? Reporting!

Once you have your measurement plan in place, you have to set up reporting. The number 1 goal here is to get KPI reporting so it’s easy to show how marketing is doing relative to those KPIs. That should be easy enough now that you’re tracking it all: most stakeholders will be fine with monthly automatic reports showing month-over-month KPIs:

March April
Facility Tours 34 45
Live Chat Leads 45 51
Move-ins 6 5

The second goal is to use the KPI reporting against channels, campaigns, and strategies to inform marketing on “what’s working”. Most marketing groups will benefit from slicing and dicing this data by channel like this:

Facility Tours Live chats Move-Ins
Google Organic 20 22 3
Direct 10 8 1
Google PPC 12 15 2
Facebook Remarketing 3 6 0

Looking at results by different dimensions in this way can really help inform marketing about what’s happening and what’s working.

Get reporting done right from the start

Starting with a measurement plan really helps lay the foundation for nice, clean reporting. If you want better clarity in marketing, to close the loop with sales, and fully know what marketing is driving business for your senior living facility, start with a measurement plan.