Roobrik Marketing Automation Integration with ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND now offers native integration with Roobrik. Roobrik is an online decision tool that helps caregivers and families considering senior care, navigate complex and often confusing choices. Practically speaking, it’s a far better self-serve option for many families out there to better understand care needs and what options fit best.

Senior Living Marketing

For senior living communities, Roobrik offers a powerful way to reach prospects earlier in the decision process, build trust, and facilitate more authentic and effective conversations with sales teams. Combining Roobrik with ActiveDEMAND enables senior care marketing professionals to tailor more personalized messaging to prospects, get more comprehensive data on user journeys, correctly attribute move-ins to the marketing channel that helped, and perform more effective marketing.

Marketing for Multiple Communities

Senior care marketing groups that market for multiple communities will appreciate how easy ActiveDEMAND makes it to market across them all: applying appropriate branding for each community but enabling campaign templating and re-use. And because ActiveDEMAND integrates with Roobrik, community preferences indicated in Roobrik can be used to guide the user to the correct local community.

Closing the User Journey Loop with CRM

When you combine ActiveDEMAND, Roobrik, and a CRM, you’re able to fully visualize the buyer journey and make it immediately actionable for marketing, sales, and senior leadership. Roobrik provides opt-in conversion details to pass from marketing to sales, while ActiveDEMAND adds the details: how the user got to the website, what pages they browsed, and many more user signals. The CRM helps track the buyer’s journey through sales as well as provides feedback to marketing on how leads are converting.

If you’re ready to dig into integrating Roobrik with ActiveDEMAND, check out this support article.


Based in Durham, NC, Roobrik is the leading provider of online tools to help people make difficult health and care decisions, particularly for issues related to getting older and caregiving. Their innovative platform combines medical decision science with new models for digital engagement to help families get answers throughout the continuum of care. Roobrik partners with leading local, regional, and national senior care providers, as well as leading advocacy organizations like UsAgainstAlzheimer’s and AARP. To find out more about Roobrik’s decision tools, visit