Why You Should be Using Robocalls for Your Business

So you get that dreaded phone call in the middle of dinner: You’ve won a free trip to Las Vegas!” Or, “Please complete this survey to tell us how we’ve helped you today.” We all get these phone calls, and let’s face it, we hate them. But the reality is that Automated Calling, also known as Robocalls, offer a myriad of benefits for your business.

Below is a list of the top 9 reasons why you should be using Robocalls for your marketing efforts:

1. Emergency notifications

If you’re facing an emergency and you need to communicate something quickly and concisely, automated calling can deliver messages to employees, customers, tenants and other segments of people immediately. Emergency notifications are perfect for companies and non-profits that want to quickly get their message across.


We’re all busy. That’s why we need a way to get reminders of important activities like appointments and deadlines. Being on-the-go in a hustle and bustle world is common to all of us. That’s why Robocalls can act as effective reminders.

3. Event planning

Setting up an event is challenging – even for event planners. To ensure that people will show up on-time and in the right place is vital. By adding Robocalls to your event, you can ensure that everything will run as smoothly as possible.

4. Cancellation notices

Hosting an event and weather is not cooperating? Quickly update people with change of venue information or cancellation using robocalls.

5. Service updates

Customers need to know what is happening when there is a service outage. They need to know when a service is going to be up and running. Service updates are an effective way to communicate with your customers about any issues you might have.

6. Manage staff

If your staff isn’t tardy when it comes to submitting time sheets or other paperwork, you should consider robocalling to send out reminders so your employees stay up-to-date. Robocalls can really work to manage your employees when it comes to taking care of logistics.

7. Appointment Reminders

Forget missed time slots for good! Use automated calling to remind people of their scheduled appointments. A friendly call can go a long way to help your employees and managers get where they need to be.

8. Past due notices

Use automated calling to remind people of their scheduled appointments. A friendly call can go a long way in helping people get where they need to be in order to prevent missed time slots.

9. Holiday Reminders

For many SMBs, it’s important to communicate holiday closures or reduced business hours to customers and staff. With Automated Calling, you can get the done job quickly and effectively.

As you can see, Robocalls are not as bad as they sound. It really is a good way to communicate with your stakeholders. When you need to send out the right message at the right time, automated calls are an incredibly effective channel of communication. Do you think Robocalls might be effective for your business?