Many small-business owners rely on brochures to spread the word about products and services. However, this may not be a cost-effective method of marketing, and it could miss the target audience. As consumers conduct business and research products online, the Internet becomes their main source of information, and brochures are not as likely to be consulted or  remembered. Internet marketing methods will provide a new way for businesses to target local consumers.

Dynamic Website Content is going to be the Norm Brochures are costly to design, print and distribute. Some small-business owners may try to create a brochure themselves, but it can end up looking unprofessional if they do not have any graphic design skills. If they have to hire a graphic designer to create a brochure, the cost can go up significantly. The risk with small business brochures is the product and service information can quickly become outdated, and then the owner will need to pay the costs all over again. If small-business owners replace brochures with a consistently updated website, they will not need to keep paying to update product materials. If a store changes location or starts selling a new product, owners will have useless brochures on their hands and a lot of lost money out of their budgets. Switching to the Internet for better marketing results The goal of marketing efforts is to tell a company’s story. In the modern business environment, the story is always changing. Stale, printed product pamphlets cannot keep up with a growing business. Most small-business owners can’t afford to keep a graphic designer or a writer on staff, and owners may not have the time to design an eye-catching brochure themselves. Unlike brochures, a website is much more cost-effective to update regularly, and small-business owners do not need an expertise in web design to achieve great results. A website can include calls to action, which will prompt a consumer to fill out a form for more information, for example. This can boost conversion rates because website users will be able to take action in real-time. If they were drawn in by a brochure, they would need to remember to call or visit the store. Traditional advertising methods are not as effective because they do not encourage conversion in real-time. Designing an excellent small-business website does not need to be a scary or expensive prospect. JumpDEMAND helps owners with all their Internet needs so they do not need to become well-versed in web design. Websites can be more effective at driving conversion so businesses can attract new customers, and owners will no longer need to pay to replace brochures all the time.