Reducing Call Spam with IVR

The Key to Creating Better Call Metrics for Your Clients

Marketers and digital marketing agency representatives running call campaigns for their clients also suffer from the dreaded spam call… but while we are all bothered by them around the dinner table, there are actually hidden costs companies have to endure when being inundated with these calls. Imagine, for a moment, the same inconvenience of being interrupted during a meal by an unwanted solicitor occurring regularly during business hours, eating up an agency’s valuable time, resources and money.

These spam phone calls can be more than just irritating to a company running their business, they can be downright expensive. How can you, as a marketing professional, tend to client needs when your business is wrangling a deluge of telemarketers or unwanted callers? Better yet, how can marketing agencies create better call metrics for your clients while reducing the frequency of call spam? Welcome to the world of voice-based marketing automation solutions that help prevent spam calls from cutting into valuable productivity.

No matter the size of the business you’re working with, there are voice-based marketing automation solutions, such as Interactive Voice Response.

If your client’s campaign has fallen prey to continual phone calls from unwanted callers, caller ID routing is a solution that allows users to input a number or series of numbers that will automatically be routed to a specific endpoint within an IVR, rather than be directed through the traditional representative channels. There are many places you can route a call to once it has been received by an IVR system or “virtual receptionist” such as:

  • A pre-recorded audio message
  • A reading of a text message
  • Voicemail

This will eliminate the need for sales or customer service reps to waste any time dealing with unwanted calls.

When many of your fellow marketing reps have realized the value of call tracking technology and have purchased dynamic trackable numbers to better gauge ROI, can you afford not to? If your campaigns are having some issues with spam calls, take a closer look at Interactive Voice Response.