Why You Need to Record Phone Calls When Communicating with Your Customers

In all probability, you’ve heard this message before – ‘This call may be monitored for quality assurance purposes’. It has become a standard practice for companies that communicate with their prospects and customers over the phone; and that goes for many if not all SMBs. Simply put, you need to record phone calls if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

In order to keep control over how your business is operating, you need to ensure that all calls that are coming in and out of your company are monitored in order to identify and correct practices that are not on par. Ultimately, monitoring helps drive customer satisfaction and maintains a positive customer experience.

Below is a list of 3 reasons why you should record phone calls for your business.

1. Helps improve sales rep performance through training

When you record phone calls, you can really get a handle on how your sales team is interacting with your customers. When you’re able to review inbound and outbound calls, you can highlight the success of your top performers, and understand key areas where others need help. This enables you to train your sales team and gain insight into customer interactions. Call Tracking ensures that you can equip your team with the right tools to optimize performance. During your training sessions, you can go through recordings, examine what’s working and assess which areas need improvement.

2. Easily access and listen to sales rep calls

You need to know how your sales team sounds or comes across on a call. Are they sounding flat or unenthusiastic? Are they being courteous… and how are they interacting with difficult prospects and customers? When you record phone calls, you can see where your reps have missed opportunities and if they’ve accurately answered questions and acted in the customer’s best interest.

3. Provide constructive feedback to improve conversions and sales

Recording calls means being able to provide constructive feedback to your team. In order to increase conversions and close more deals, you need to keep the lines of communication open. Providing good feedback means acting as a leader – not as a boss. Maintaining a solid relationship with your sales reps is part of having a positive rapport, and feedback becomes necessary for success.

Key takeaway

If you aren’t recording phone calls either because you don’t know how or think it is too complicated, you should know that, Call Tracking software makes call recording extremely simple. With the right software, all you have to do is simply check the “record calls” box, and all tracked incoming calls can be easily recorded and accessed.

How effective is your sales team when it comes to communicating with customers? Are you monitoring their performance to increase conversions? The right Call Tracking software can enable you to do just that.