Reconciling new Gmail software with email marketing

Inbox by Gmail is the latest version of Google’s electronic mail for smartphones. It organizes emails by groups and other categories the user can customize. How will this affect email marketing? According to Noya Lizor at Forbes, the subject line will become even more important. Gmail will begin filtering its emails much more strictly based on what goes into the subject and who the sender is. Assuming Gmail Inbox has been set up appropriately by the user, all of the content associated with specific topics will go into one big folder.

The end result is that it may become a good idea for marketers to include the exact nature of the product within the subject line. Additionally, the sender will be highlighted and possibly categorized as well, so keeping the from line associated with your business will be key in avoiding getting thrown into a spam folder.

In a sense, this is similar to when Gmail included the promotions tab, which then received most email marketing letters, where some users didn’t look very often or only made a cursory glance. As such, it will become crucial to draw the reader’s attention very quickly.


Gmail Inbox is more visual. It will include a preview that allows custom picture content. Properly formatted and pictorially appealing work will be helpful for someone who wants to attract a strong readership.

According to Corinne Sklar, writing in MarketingProfs, the keys to good email marketing are customization of content for each user. This fact will certainly not change when Gmail Inbox replaces the older Gmail versions. Actually, it will become more important because the preview feature will showcase a portion of the information in the entire email. Highlighting features that users are interested in reading about at the beginning of the letter will be a very important part of future email campaigns.