Reach More of Your Clients and Customers with Automated Recurring Webinars

Previously if an organization wanted to host multiple webinars over a day or week, for example, they would have to create a new campaign for every single instance of each webinar. That would mean creating a new landing page for each, repeating the email and promotional steps for each campaign, and filling out the details of the webinars over and over again. But wait! What about the cloning feature? Doesn’t that eliminate typing the information repeatedly? Maybe some details could be cloned across campaigns but things like dates and times would be different. As you can see, it can quickly become a confusing mess.

So why not just create a recurring webinar or multiple timeslot webinar campaigns where the details are added once and users can just select the instance of the webinar or multiple webinars they want to attend? It couldn’t be done before! But now with ActiveDEMAND’s updated Events Campaigns and GoToWebinar, setting up recurring webinars is so much simpler…dare I say easy? It’s created as a “template-in-a-box” so that you can use it as it is – or you can edit it to make the content more relevant for you.

Why You Should Use the Event Campaign for Recurring Webinars

  • Multiple time slots available means more chances for your viewer to find a time convenient for them which means improved registration rates
  • The ability to simplify the process of promotion and follow-up plus the ability to reuse elements across webinars will save you time and make the whole execution more efficient
  • Get your data all in one place! Now break down leads, attendance, and feedback, and optimize it all with your reporting right in ActiveDEMAND
  • You have better quality control and flexibility of design when you use ActiveDEMAND vs using the tools in GoToWebinar directly

So, let me show you how setting up a recurring webinar campaign now works in ActiveDEMAND. If you are looking for a more in-depth step-by-step you can find that here.

First Step – Set up GotoWebinar Events

The first thing I recommend you do is set up your recurring webinar in GoToWebinar. ActiveDEMAND will need this information as you create your webinar campaign. You can schedule either Live Events or time-based Recorded Events (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Custom) or a combination.

gotowebinar example

You will want to have ActiveDEMAND take care of all the reminder and follow-up emails, so be sure to turn off all the GoToWebinar options.

gotowebinar options

Setting Up a Recurring Event Campaign in ActiveDEMAND

Setting up this type of campaign isn’t that different from its previous version – simply click the Event Campaign button to get the drop-down where you will enter the name of the campaign, the date of the event, and the date you want the first promotional email to go out.

activedemand event campaign

Next, you will want to click the Assets tab along the top of the window and then scroll to the Webinar block. Click the Add button and the webinars you added to GoToWebinar should be available to select. Choose the webinars instances you want to include in the campaign and close the window.

add webinars to ActiveDEMAND webinar campaign

New Look

The layout of the refreshed campaign has changed a little bit. Now the calendar expands the page fully making it easier to read. Above the calendar, there are two tabs – Schedule and Workflows.

For me, I find it best to think of the Schedule tab as where I’ll do my promotion to get people to REGISTER for the webinars. The Workflows tab is where I’ll manage my follow-up reminder emails and after the webinar recordings and surveys.

webinar calendar

Schedule Tab (Before Registration)

The Schedule tab is where you will add all your promotional emails, social media posts, and SMS messages to try and get that registration.

schedule tab with webinar steps

What if you want to include an additional promotional message for the webinar that starts at 2 pm but not the one that starts at 4 pm? You can customize messaging to your webinars. When creating a step, use the Choose the webinar for this Step drop-down to specify the webinars the step is associated with.

associate webinar with a step

Workflows Tab (After Registration)

The Workflows Tab will hold your workflow sequences to remind registrants to attend your webinar. How many reminders you include is up to you.

after registration reminder workflow

I also have a Post webinar follow-up workflow set up. This will go out after the webinar runs and send everyone who registered a recording of the webinar. You can also use this to send surveys for feedback on the webinar.

post webinar follow up workflow

Only One Landing Page is Needed!

Now you only need one landing page instead of creating a landing page for each webinar. The only thing you need to add is a new Webinar Multi-Select drop-down menu to your form. Now registrants can select one or more webinars to attend.

webinar multi-select

And Remember to Use Variables

The purpose of setting up recurring webinars this way is to save you time and effort. Once set up, the automation takes over. But if you aren’t using variables you are going to be spending all your time typing content. Seems silly to get efficient in one area only to lose it in another. So set up those variables and use them!

variables in webinars

For more detailed step-by-step instructions, check out our support article.