Predictive Personalization and Call Tracking

The benefits associated with personalization don’t stop at email. Being able to connect the dots between website visitors, incoming phone calls and email marketing is important where being able to build a complete view of prospects is concerned. Major analytics and data platforms have been combining with customer experience technology such as customer relationship management (CRM) software and web content management systems (CMS) – and that means the machine is constantly absorbing and digesting information about buyers, storing it all in a database that can be referenced for a marketer’s benefit.

In the end, the goal is to enrich marketing agencies that know so much about its clients’ customers and are so predictive – hence predictive personalization – that they can always satisfy customer desires and make them happy. Into this foray have come approaches such as call tracking providing critical data on prospect interests and where they happen to be in their buyer’s journey.

For example the ActiveDEMAND platform provides CallForensics. This allows digital marketers to get the real information they need from their call tracking data – whether it’s context, full transcription, actionable keyword monitoring or improved attribution of a call. In comparison to most call tracking packages that merely provide data, CallForensics provides answers to questions such as:

• How many inbound calls are actually viable sales leads?
• How can (a marketing agency) provide tracking numbers to their clients’ most promising prospects?
• Are (marketing agencies and their respective clients) paying too much in DNI pool costs?
• Are sales calls and conversations truly effective?

By fusing predictive personalization and call tracking, digital marketers can track, monitor and control their best leads: Inbound telephone calls. What’s more, marketers can track callers from mobile, digital and offline campaigns to measure and optimize ROI; they can see which search keywords have been driving calls from both Google AdWords call extensions and landing pages; they can personalize how callers are qualified and routed in real time in order to convert more calls to sales; they can run conversation analytics to discover exactly how calls convert – or why they do not and they can even integrate call data with other marketing solutions to optimize ROI.

In predictive personalization, the magic begins when every single interaction – from website to email to mobile – is tailored for a custom audience of one, instead of bulk communication blasts or high-level segmentation. A truly personal, one-on-one experience is what it’s all about.