While we’ve supported tracking landing page traffic to GA4 for a while, we’ve just added the ability to post preconfigured and/or custom events to GA4. Posting events from ActiveDEMAND allows you to filter and post form submissions, phone calls, and other conversions to GA4.

Preconfigured Events vs Custom events in the workflow

To send events to GA4 from ActiveDEMAND, you’ve got 2 main choices.

Posting preconfigured events is the easiest and the fastest. Just authenticate your GA4 profile and check the box that says “Post events to Google Analytics” in your ActiveDEMAND administration options and we’ll automatically post all phone calls and form fills as events in GA4. More details on using GA4 preconfigured events here.

Posting custom events is more flexible and powerful. Here, you can send events to GA4 from inside an ActiveDEMAND workflow. For more info on using custom GA4 events, see this article.

Posting custom GA4 events in workflows is very powerful

Current Recommended Setup: use both Google Analytics Universal and GA4

Because GA4 still lacks some of the features of Universal Analytics, we recommend tracking page visits and events in both. Preconfigured events will send to both Universal and GA4 if you have them both set up in administration.

We detail how to set up both GA Universal and GA4 in our Integrating ActiveDEMAND with Google Services help article.

Further Reading on GA4