How Phone Call Tracking Creates a Better Customer Experience

Have you ever tried calling a company from a number off of one of their marketing channels only to reach customer support or the front desk and hear them say: “I can take your number down and have someone call you back…” In many cases, customers that are trying to reach you are having trouble getting to the right person. They are trying to reach someone whom they can talk to, someone who can help them navigate through your offer or service – but they can’t get to the right person to get the right answers.

Phone call tracking is that automated capability that routes incoming calls to the correct person or department. When you can connect a caller to the exact place they need to be, that is, the right person, it creates a much better customer experience. Callers don’t have to sit on hold, navigate an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or talk to someone who is unable to provide help.

Below is a list of 5 ways Phone Call Tracking can work for your inbound marketing strategy.

Phone Call Tracking by marketing campaign

Call tracking phone numbers that are assigned to a specific marketing campaign can be directed to the right contact, whether it is the product manager, an account manager or someone else. Essentially, any representative who is responsible for the sales of the product that’s being marketed.

Phone Call Tracking by location

For companies with various offices across different locations, Call Tracking can be used to set up incoming calls directly to the right person at any location. For instance, someone calling from California can be automatically routed to your San Francisco sales rep.

Phone Call Tracking by time

If you have offices in different time zones, Call Tracking works to set-up schedules to route calls to different people and departments based on the time of day. Incoming calls can go to different locations to ensure that they will always be answered.

Phone Call Tracking by assigned account manager

Your account managers are always kept in touch with their specific accounts. Specific prospects and customers can be “assigned” to them. Whenever the prospect calls in, they will automatically be routed to the assigned account manager.

Phone Call Tracking by teams

In order to amp up the performance of your sales team that’s responsible for managing incoming calls, have your calls routed to multiple people on your team. The first person to pick up the call gets the lead. This is a great incentive to increase overall group performance.

Phone Call Tracking really works to create a more efficient process when it comes to managing incoming sales calls. It is a way to enhance the prospect and customer experience as it ensures that a call is always being directed to the right person at the exact time they call. How effective are you when it comes to managing incoming calls from potential customers?