The Importance of Phone Adding Call Tracking Metrics to your Google Analytics Data

Gathering data about your marketing activities is critical for your business success. You need to know which efforts are working, and which efforts should be eliminated altogether. And managing incoming calls is no exception. Call Tracking is that activity that needs to be measured in order to understand how effective you are at converting incoming calls from your prospects and customers.

While Google Analytics measures such things as which keywords and phrases were used to find you, what this data fails to measure is conversions that are based on how your prospects and customers interacted with the phone calls they made through your various channels. While things like website activities, landing pages, and PPC ads can all be measured, Google Analytics fails to measure the successes of your incoming calls.

If you’re not measuring phone call tracking metrics, you’re missing a large pool of data about your customers and prospects. But don’t fret. With the right call tracking software, you can measure everything when it comes to prospect and customer calls.

Phone call data can be integrated with Google Analytics to fully track website activity and phone call leads from inquiry to won business. The possibilities become endless when you can see how users interacted with your channels before calling in.

Below are 3 ways that Call Tracking can be integrated with Google Analytics to analyze incoming call activities.

1. Integration with Google Analytics can analyze which campaign is generating incoming calls

The right Call Tracking software lets you easily assign a tracked number both to your online and offline activities, so that whenever that number gets called, the data gets logged into your Google Analytics account enabling you to see which channel the call came from.

2. Set-up goals

Establishing Call Tracking objectives is vital to achieve results. When you integrate Call Tracking with Google Analytics, you can leverage the data to set campaign objectives and measure results against them.

3. Measure hourly activity

Integrating Call Tracking with Google Analytics allows you to easily measure call volume by the hour, in turn, helping you to ramp up and down staff.

Analyzing Prospects in Google Analytics

Now that you’ve got your call data coming in to Google Analytics, you can extract information such as how many users from each source actually picked up the phone and called in. This way, you can see where they have been on your site, where they are based out of, and which of your channels the call came in from.

By combining phone call data from your marketing activities, you are able to understand your return from each channel. Tracking calls with Google Analytics gives you a more comprehensive view of how your marketing efforts are working. How successful are you at tracking your incoming calls? Perhaps an integration with Google Analytics will give you a better picture of your marketing campaign efforts – and, particularly, prospect and customer calls.