Personalizing your Unsubscribe Page to Generate Leads

Generate leads from an unsubscribe page?? Yes, it is possible and we do it. We deliver a very personalized experience on our unsubscribe page. When users click the unsubscribe link, they go to a page that is personalized to them: it uses their logo, their name, and their company name.

Here’s how we do this:

  1. We automatically tag the unsubscribe link so that the website knows the user that’s coming in.
  2. We dynamically populate the company name, logo, email, and first/last name. If we don’t have those, we default to a generic default. If we’re emailing someone, we should have this info.
  3. We offer up options for what kind of emails the clients want to receive. These are relevant to the services or features we offer.

For us, this generates leads because users see how personalized marketing works. It’s a live demo of our capabilities just before someone says “sayonara”: a saving throw to wow the prospect. Here are some other great tips that we’ve seen on unsubscribe pages:

  • Showcase your marketing capabilities using personalization, as we have. Some clients will want you to set up the same thing for them!
  • Offer options on unsubscribing from some lists, and subscribing to others. Maybe you were off on what you thought they liked.
  • Offer options on changing the frequency. Maybe they’re not so jazzed about the daily email, but they’d be fine with a weekly summary or monthly highlights.
  • Offer alternative ways to stay engaged like joining a forum, liking a Facebook page, or subscribing to a podcast.
  • Add in a comments section so you can be alerted of issues in how you’re emailing people.

Watch for Unsubscribes

Don’t forget to pay attention to who unsubscribes from your newsletters. Unsubscribing can sometimes be an early red flag that a customer is unhappy and ready to move. You may want to email unsubscribe notifications to your marketing team, or set up an automatic weekly or monthly report on people who have unsubscribed.