Personalize Email Campaigns

Email still remains an excellent source of leads and an important communication channel for prospects and customers alike. Personalizing the email helps make it more relevant and connect with the person on the other end. While most people know that some options are available, you may not know just how far the rabbit hole goes.

Email Personalization Options:

  • Dynamic fields
  • Dynamic images
  • Separate campaigns by list
  • Conditional version emails
  • Customized by brand sending

Dynamic Fields

Dynamic fields let you insert your client’s name, company name, and custom fields that you define. By swapping these fields in, you get a nicely personalized email and you can always set a default in case you email someone you’re missing that information for. Since it’s just the fields you’re changing, you’re not sending drastically different emails per user. This is what most people mean when they talk about personalized emails, but it is only scratching the surface of what’s possible.

Many of our users choose to add a custom field for CTA (Call to Action): they use this field to add a link to the product they want these customers to go to. In this way, they’re able to customize email CTA’s based on what they think each particular user needs.

Dynamic Images

Inside ActiveDEMAND emails, you can build emails that use dynamic images. This means you can pick what image to show based on what you know about the user at the time of the email opening. These images can also be easily used on the website so you can maintain consistency between the website and email. This is an easy solution for marketing agencies or in-house teams that have some graphics editing capability to build image ads. Learn more about using dynamic images in ActiveDEMAND here.

Some of our users that support multiple locations choose to use Dynamic Images to show the store location nearest the user that is opening the email. Using this technique, they can send 1 email and help drive foot traffic to local stores.

It’s also a great technique to use if you want to adapt the product pitch to a particular customer pain point: focusing on how your chair helps back pain for one user, how the wheels are specially designed so they don’t eat headphone cords to another, and talking up the easy breathing mesh chair back to those that want to prevent the dreaded office chair back sweat.

Separate Campaigns

This is the caveman way to send more radically different personalized emails: create completely separate campaigns and send them out separately to different lists of users. Inside the emails, you can customize the email with the prospect’s first name, company name, etc. If you’re doing even 2 of these emails at a time, you should probably actually look at using Email Send Logic instead.

Email Send Logic

Using email send logic, you first set up a default email and then set up special versions based on the logic you define. You prioritize your special versions and if a contact doesn’t qualify for the special version, they get the regular one. This is called conditional versioning: different people get different versions of the email based on conditions that you set.

In this way, you could push a special offer for a service that you know some customers are interested in, invite only your top customers to an event, or use some other special content in a regular email. This is the easiest way to rapidly build significantly different emails for different users. You get stats for the whole email campaign, as well as for each individual version that gets sent out. Learn more about conditional version emails in ActiveDEMAND here.

Many of the marketing agencies that use ActiveDEMAND love to use this technique to separate customers from prospects in their monthly email newsletters. Customer emails can come with special invitations to customer-facing events, while prospects might get invites to Google Partner Connect events to try to help get that first sale.

Note: If you use conditional email send logic, you can’t ALSO use A/B split testing on your emails.

Customized by Brand/Location

Lastly, ActiveDEMAND has excellent support for duplicating campaigns across accounts, making it easy for franchises or brands with multiple locations to send similar campaigns with customized branding from each of their locations or franchises. These cloned campaigns can automatically match appropriate branding and can be further customized using the techniques above.

Our franchisor customers love this technique because it makes it easy to send 1 top-performing email to each franchisee customer list with appropriate branding for each franchisee attached.

Senior care marketers also love sending emails that use the branding and information from each location using this feature.

Choose the Technique that Fits you Best and Go Forward and Personalize

Personalized email performs better and is more relevant to customers. If you’re looking to optimize your emails and improve performance, look to use some of the techniques featured in this article!