Personalization the key to internet marketing

Those who want to market their niche products via the Internet marketing are making the right choice. For many years now, people have used Google and other search engines to find businesses that build specific kinds of machines or offer a particular service. Other forms of marketing may not be as effective because while the reach is broad, advertisements in the newspaper or the Yellow Pages aren’t targeting anyone directly enough to attract new customers. Instead, a very particular marketing strategy is necessary for those who want to find niche customers.

It starts with keywords

Finding out what people are searching for when they find your website is the first step to creating an overall plan for how you design internet content. Use Google Analytics to see the longtail keywords that people are using for your industry. These are specific phrases that are so particular to a niche industry that anyone who enters them into a search engine is probably looking for something your company offers. It is an effective B2B marketing strategy because businesses will often search for what they need rather than passively find something – particularly if the product is specialized

Content is king

The next step is offering good content. This means taking advice from experts like Amazon. This company is one of the biggest in the world, and part of its success is the way it presents its content, according to Seth Dotterer in MarketingProfs . The company educates its readers and offers many points of contact, such as a phone number, an email newsletter, a blog, and a message board. Having all of these things allows your company to pick up metrics that can be used in various marketing campaigns. For example, using call tracking gives you the chance to determine on a very granular level when each person chose to pick up the phone. It ties together the Web browsing history of the reader with the phone call history that will continue to unfold as a potential customer calls for information and learns about your product. The person answering the phone will be able to know what the caller was reading on the website, and will also have the power to indicate in the marketing software any information about that particular client.Another way to tie together individuals for a packaged approach to marketing is through personalized emails. Nowadays, the best approach for sending out email is through

Another way to tie together individuals for a packaged approach to marketing is through personalized emails. Nowadays, the best approach for sending out email is through a very targeted outreach, according to Nicole Fallon of Fox Business. What this means is that customers will click on various links, which then populates a newsletter with individual paragraphs or leads that the person will receive when he or she asks to be put on a newsletter. Additionally, when that possible client clicks on links in the newsletter, marketing software can then send out follow-up emails with information about what was accessed before. This enables people to receive extremely specific stories in their mailbox that they can directly relate to their own needs.

Aiming for specificity

What this comes down to is providing content that relates directly to the people who want to buy your product. By combining a call-tracking system with an effective email campaign, companies can create content that is tailored on a person-by-person level – not only through email, but over the phone as well. This gives a tremendous advantage when it comes to finding customers. Most people, after all, who look at a website will never buy a product being offered. By aiming for the people who are really looking to purchase something, your company is effectively creating a series of hooks that will catch specific potential customers and offer them exactly what they’re looking for.

Fallon says that potential buyers are essentially entering a funnel when they begin talking to people about buying something. At the top of the funnel is the website, which offers very specific information in a catch-all, general format, where everything can be clicked on to access. A good website will store the information of its users, so that when the reader continues deeper into the funnel by reaching the company through a point of contact like email or the phone, the company already knows what the person is looking for based on his or her history with the website.

Local marketing strategies

Another tool that advertisers have is putting the phone number of the company directly into an advertisement. Zoe-Lee Skelton, writing in Business 2 Community, says this is a crucial part of doing business, and points to a number of compelling statistics. For example, pay-per-click phone leads are three times more likely to convert to a sale. Additionally, 78 percent of local searches on a mobile phone result in purchases that happen offline. These offline sales can mean that someone bought a product in a store, but it can also mean he or she called the number and talked to a sales rep. When someone is looking for a local business that sells something hyper specific, it is crucial he or she finds your business, and having PPC ads that include a phone number is a great way to show up in searches.