»»Paid search increases results for marketing

Paid search increases results for marketing

In the last few years, Internet searches have played a more significant role in buyers’ paid search decisions. This is why many B2B brands have leveraged search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising to drive traffic to their websites. These separate techniques have a delicate relationship because some argue paid search can detract from prospects finding a site organically. However, a joint study from Resolution Media, Kenshoo and Hewlett Packard revealed PPC advertising fills gaps in organic listings in the first page of search results and is the only viable option when organic results do not show up on the first page.

Many B2B marketers know they need to encourage prospects to visit their sites instead of relying on leads to find it on their own. But smaller companies may not be doing enough to encourage traffic or do not have the right balance of organic search and paid search.

The study found paid-search ads that appeared with organic listings received two out of every three clicks from a search engine page. If organic results appeared below the fold, paid search click rates were even higher.

Benefits of paid search for small B2B brands

The right balance of organic and paid search can make a big difference for small companies that want to increase website traffic and Internet lead generation. Compared to traditional marketing channels, PPC advertising has better return on investment because businesses are only charged when someone clicks a link.

In fact, the study found paid-search ads generate more revenue than organic search results, especially when it comes to keywords that aren’t associated with a brand. For small companies in particular, PPC could help increase visibility and draw new visitors to the site. When prospective buyers are first starting to research product options, they will use more general terms before moving on to more specific keywords and phrases. If a B2B brand doesn’t show up when a decision-maker first starts to research, small companies will not have much of a chance to attract new customers.

Not only does paid search have good ROI, it can also help growing businesses affordably advertise new products, according to Search Engine Land. These strategies can help B2B brands create greater visibility for their entire product lines.

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