How can organizations benefit from marketing automation?

Marketing automation is quickly gaining popularity because of its capabilities to eliminate repetitive tasks. The most basic of these tools can streamline operations and simplify time-consuming tasks for both sales and marketing teams. However, an online marketing system can help marketing teams create more effective content and allow sales reps to close more deals.

In fact, marketing automation can integrate with an existing customer relationship management platform, which can help salespeople keep better track of client information. Since representatives are already familiar with CRM platforms, adding marketing automation can help them see better return on investment from both systems. Sales teams can track how prospects are interacting with campaign materials, according to a blog for Salesforce.

Multiple goals in mind for marketing automation

In Bislr’s “B2B Marketing Automation Report,” the majority of marketers said they leverage these technologies to gain a variety of benefits throughout their organizations, especially in Internet lead generation. Two-thirds of respondents expressed that the ability to generate a higher number of high-quality of leads was the most significant benefit.

Additionally, businesses were able to improve marketing productivity, boost conversion rates, increase response and engagement rates and create better segment targeting. Many of these platforms enable marketers to automate lead nurturing. Despite the variety of technologies marketers can apply to lead generation, the B2B sales cycle is still long. These platforms can significantly improve how marketers move prospects from one stage of the process to the next, and this allows B2B brands to stay relevant to their audience, no matter how long the sales cycle.

Improve sales and marketing alignment with automation

One of the unforeseen benefits of marketing automation is that these platforms facilitate collaboration between the sales and marketing team. Getting these teams to work together can be a little difficult in many organizations, which can be because of outdated internal processes, the Salesforce blog post said. If the two groups are using separate technology, tensions can arise.

Marketing automation can end some of the struggles between the two teams because it improves lead quality, increases revenue and automates tedious tasks, such as lead assignment and following up. These benefits can improve both sales and marketing effectiveness. Both teams can gain more actionable information through the analytics tools, which allows marketers to create more relevant content and for salespeople to improve their follow ups.