Online Marketing Drives Success

Small-business owners often see starting a company as enough of a challenge, and they are not interested in exploring Internet marketing methods. However, rather than shying away from online marketing, small-business owners should embrace it, according to Newsfactor.

Internet marketing will become more important as younger consumers gain higher expendable incomes, Business Insider said. Millennial shoppers expect the purchasing process to be extremely easy, so small-business owners can gain an advantage through online channels that depend on automation as much as young shoppers do. Appealing to these consumers increasingly vital to modern small-business success, so entrepreneurs need to meet their needs to stay successful.

In the past, when customers had issues with a product, they would call the service line, and it would take several days to compile information and reach a solution. Now consumers expect company representatives to be able to access data with a few clicks. Small businesses that do not adapt to changing consumer behavior could be left behind by competitors.

Teenagers are connected to their mobile devices during all waking hours, according to a study from Wikia. One-quarter of mobile users between ages 13-18 check their email or text messages within five minutes of waking up, highlighting how the Internet is a constant presence in their lives. When these young consumers want to make a purchase or learn more about a business or product, they are highly unlikely to use traditional advertising like local newspapers. Since mobile use will continue to surge and teenagers will grow up into the next generation of potential customers, small-business owners will need to pay attention to consumer behavior and preferences.

Small-business owners are often reluctant to move to the Internet because they think it will be costly, but online marketing can be very affordable, and it will help companies increase awareness of their products and services, while also forging relationships with new consumer demographics.