ActiveDEMAND Integrates Seamlessly with Olark

As marketers, we know every interaction with clients and potential customers is important to understanding their needs and where they are in their buyer’s journey. No interaction gives better insight into this than one-on-one conversations live chat offers.

That is why the ActiveDEMAND integrated marketing platform provides seamless integration with Olark Live Chat.

For known customers, ActiveDEMAND automatically captures all chat information and adds it to the contact’s history timeline. For visitors, not yet in your contact database, as soon as ActiveDEMAND detects an email address or phone number typed into the chat, it will create a new contact – no special commands needed!

How does this all work? Let’s find out…

How Olark Live Chat and ActiveDEMAND Integration Works

ActiveDEMAND integration is designed to be effortless for the chat operator, so the focus is on the conversation with the client, and not worrying about updating client history or creating new contacts.

It works like this: When a user visits your website and ActiveDEMAND recognizes them as a known contact, it prepopulates the chat window with their name and email address. The operator console displays all the information ActiveDEMAND knows about the contact – name, email, phone, company, location, IP address and all their browsing history for the current web session – even before they start chatting! If they do engage in a conversation, ActiveDEMAND adds the full transcript to the contact’s history timeline in the ActiveDEMAND database, in addition to all their user engagement like web visit data, email interactions, phone calls, social media clicks, and all the other channels ActiveDEMAND tracks.

What happens when ActiveDEMAND does not recognize an anonymous visitor? The operator console will show what it can – IP address, location and web session data. The operator simply needs to engage the prospect in a chat and prompt the user to provide an email or phone number. A simple request such as, ‘If you can give me your email address, then we can follow up with you in more detail…’ will suffice. ActiveDEMAND is continually monitoring the chat dialog, and as soon as it recognizes an email address or phone number, it will automatically create a new contact and add the chat to the history timeline. Not only that but if ActiveDEMAND recognizes the visitor has visited the website in the past, it will append any previous web session data to the contact history as well.

Not only is the integration designed to be seamless for the operator, the initial setup is simple as well. If ActiveDEMAND automatically detects Olark Live Chat installed on a page, it captures the chat data. No specific configuration is needed under your ActiveDEMAND account settings.

How do I use Olark and ActiveDEMAND?

The ActiveDEMAND integrated marketing platform provides automation for all stages of the buyer’s journey: removing anonymity from visitors and prospects, nurturing potential contacts along their buyer path, interacting with leads during a trial period or engaging with other marketing assets, as well as providing support, follow-up and customer retention assistance after they become a customer.

Olark Live Chat provides an important role in some or all of these stages, depending on your marketing strategy. As previously mentioned, Olark Live Chat is a great way to remove visitor anonymity, which is very important in lead generation. During the exploration phase of the buyer journey, when prospects are engaging with assets like downloadable content, registering for webinars, etc. live chat provides an opportunity for people to have questions about the form or event answered right away. The tight integration with ActiveDEMAND ensures all this attribution data is captured.

After a lead becomes a customer, communication is even more important. That is why ActiveDEMAND has Olark Live Chat embedded right into the platform. Whether an ActiveDEMAND user is creating a newsletter email, setting up a webinar event campaign, creating reports, or working in any other section of the platform, the Olark chat window is available on the right-hand side, ready to provide support if needed.

This is a very popular feature for our Agency clients who want to provide a high level of support for their sub-account customers.

Ultimately how and where Olark Live Chat fits into your marketing and customer retention strategy is up to you. ActiveDEMAND’s tight integration with Olark ensures when conversations happen, the full attribution details and context are seamlessly captured and stored, chronologically with all the other user engagement data from across your marketing channels.