Numeric Calculations in ActiveDEMAND

Ever wanted to add a counter to a contact and do some math in workflows to implement creative automation? ActiveDEMAND now does that!

New Numeric custom fields are a kind of field you can add to a contact or organization that can only have a number value. That’s not such a big deal on its own, but since we can assume it’s a number, we can make decisions using “equal”, “greater than”, and “less than”, and we can do some basic math using the new calculate action in workflows. You could use this to:

  • Calculate profit or ROI on a sale and store that instead of just revenue, and posting that back to Google Analytics
    • Automatically send commission reminders
  • Calculating a points value on a survey (how much does a customer love you?)
  • Calculating payments based on loan form details
  • Add a count for how many times you’ve automatically emailed or texted
  • Count how many gated downloads a contact has downloaded
  • Build workflows that are meant to be run multiple times rather than scripting out everything in sequence

Really, this is a tool that has a LOT of uses and our imagination doesn’t match our clients and agencies that use ActiveDEMAND. In the below example, the calculator action adds 1 to the “offers sent” counter each time the workflow is run.

*Note: for dates and decisions based on them, our custom date field and date queries cover most of the potential uses.