As of today, we are introducing 2 new features for Corporate Marketer clients:
1. Role Scoping
2. Exposing sales/marketing workflow notification widgets

Role Scoping:

This feature enables the ActiveDEMAND admin to choose whether users can view all contacts or just the contacts that they’re set as the contact manager on. Note that this feature only applies to limiting users who are set as dashboard viewers.

Exposing Sales & Marketing Notification Widgets:

In the past, we only allowed these widgets to be used in the lead processing workflow. “Email Sales” was used to email sales people and would flag the contact as a “sales ready lead”. “Email Marketing” was used to notify marketing, such as when sales rejected a lead.

For corporations that have much more complex internal notification requirements or where marketing is running internal processes, they can now use the sales & marketing notification widget on individual campaigns rather than just in the lead distribution workflow.

Example 1:
You can email project managers when a sale gets to a “verbal commitment” stage so that they can check timelines and resource availability

Example 2:
You can automatically notify a VP that their critical campaign has reached a specific milestone.

Best practice should be to continue to use the lead processing workflow especially for any ongoing or unchanging process, but this makes it easier to notify internal constituents about internal processes on specific campaigns. If you choose to add many lead notifications in many campaigns, it will become difficult to maintain and troubleshoot sales and marketing notifications.