New Feature: Smart Lead Distribution

For those on our Corporate Marketer package, the ability to move leads from marketing to sales using our lead claiming feature is crucial to improving accountability. Today, we’ve added in some more features to help accommodate even more ways to distribute leads to salespeople.

Marketing + Sales Accountability

Once the marketing department has generated the lead, it’s time for sales to take action.

ActiveDEMAND has very flexible automation on how leads are distributed. You can have a “Glengarry Glen Ross” lead list, you can distribute them evenly to the team, or you can distribute them based on a ton of different options. Distribute leads to sales based on:

  • Sales territories
  • Round robin
  • Sales activity (whoever makes the most calls/sends the most emails, gets the leads)
  • Whoever is the hungriest and claims the lead first
  • Specialized salespeople for particular product lines
  • Other custom data from the CRM
  • and more
setting properties for distributing leads

We have a LOT of flexibility in distributing leads

For companies that have tightly integrated sales and marketing departments that depend on each other, the ability to assign leads to the best salesperson for the lead ensures that sales have the highest chance of closing the deal. And of course, you can choose to automatically send leads into your CRM, and assign them to the perfect salesperson.

Note: while you can assign a contact manager in any workflow, we recommend that you use a centralized “lead processing workflow” to handle all lead processing. If you assign leads willy-nilly in different places, it can be very hard to track down “How’d this lead get assigned to Billy???”. If it’s all in one place, it’s much easier to see what’s going on.