New Feature: Auto Screencap Webpages and Dynamic Blocks

We’ve added a new image generation feature to ActiveDEMAND that you’re going to love. The new feature can automatically capture webpages as a screenshot to be used later, and it can be used to capture dynamic blocks as images to be used later. Let’s explore what that can help with.

dynamic website images

Create dynamic images using customer website screencaps

Use 1: Capture Webpages

The first use is to screencap a webpage and saves that file as an image. These can be used in a campaign or workflow.

Use in prospecting: Imagine you’ve got a list of 100 prospects that you want to sell website redevelopment. You upload the list to ActiveDEMAND, add them to the “website redev campaign”, and ActiveDEMAND automatically goes out and grabs images of all their websites and adds them to the contact. Now you can use that image in marketing communications: email, your website, etc, to try to convince the client to redevelop their website.

“Is it time to improve”, your marketing asks, with a small screenshot of the prospect’s website next to it.

Reporting: Beyond attempting to sell, website images can also be used in reporting. Scheduled reports with client website traffic, leads, and a screencap of their website can add a nice personal touch.

Use 2: Getting Fancy with Dynamic Blocks

We have support for email dynamic content, but if you want to get fancy with images, generating an image from a dynamic content block is a great way to add extreme personalization. This new capture webpage feature can be used to capture a dynamic block as an image, which can be used in some interesting ways:

  • Have the client’s business name and logo transposed on promotional swag as an example of what you can do
  • Use the client’s logo and name in a webinar invite
  • Build a personalized promotion that can be used in emails, on your website as dynamic content, and on landing pages
  • Combine this feature with the one above to personalize website screen captures with client info like their name and website.
screen capture dynamic block workflow

You can further personalize a website screencap inside a dynamic block like this

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