New Dynamic Content Blocks for Emails

With ActiveDEMAND, you have always been able to use dynamic images and dynamic fields in your emails. Starting today, you can also use our new dynamic content blocks for emails. The dynamic email content is blocks of formatted text and images you can swap into your emails. You can add structure with rows & columns, use spacers, HTML blocks, buttons, and images, and customize content based on account branding.

Uses for Dynamic Email Content

The biggest thing dynamic email content brings to the table is re-use. You can add a prospect-specific offer to many types of drip and campaign emails that you send, then centrally control the offers and targeting. This is extremely helpful for companies that use seasonal or monthly promotions or companies that already use dynamic web content to fine-tune their pitch based on what they know about the prospect.

That re-use also works really well for companies that use ActiveDEMAND’s “brands” system to send emails out from different local franchises or local offices. You can use swap in a logo from the local office, or swap in contact info for the prospect’s local rep. (“Brands” is a Corporate Marketer feature)

With control on buttons, you can even use dynamic email content to swap out the CTA (Call To Action) in your emails based on where the prospect is in the buying cycle: “Learn More” if they’re still in the research phase, “Book a Meeting” if you need them to book an appointment with you, “Buy now” if you think they’re ready to buy. This is super useful because you can replace the CTA in most emails with a dynamic email content one and get a better targeted CTA that is automatically customized.

Learn more about Dynamic Email Content on our support center or by watching the video below.