New Custom Fields

In ActiveDEMAND, you have control over custom fields on contacts and organizations. Now you have even more. We’ve added the ability to add custom fields to Brands and Employees.

What would I use that for?

As our customers use ActiveDEMAND, more have integrated it tightly into their business and are automating many different kinds of communications. For power users of our platform, these new fields unlock additional possibilities.

Custom fields for employees let you add new fields like role, division, department, etc. You can dynamically use those fields when you send emails, and you can make decisions based on those fields inside workflows, which is especially useful for ActiveDEMAND users who are using contact claiming. You can also add numeric count fields to employees, so you could track how many of their clients RSVP’d to a company event, etc. Learn more about employee custom fields here.

Custom fields for brands will be handy for senior living, franchisers, and other organizations that market for many locations. Brands is a Corporate Marketer feature. You can add location-specific info to each brand, and re-use that information in emails. You can also add numeric count fields to track coupons per location and more. Learn more about brand custom fields here.