More informative content is needed for Internet lead generation

Content marketing is becoming a more important component of Internet lead generation to educate prospects, but this means B2B marketers could be dealing with a different sales cycle. Companies have a larger arsenal of tools for lead generation and nurturing, but in general, there is disagreement in the B2B community about whether the sales cycle is getting shorter, according to Converse Digital.

In the past, sales funnels were more obvious because prospects needed to contact a representative for product information. Similarly, salespeople couldn’t get to know leads without talking to them on the phone or meeting with them in person. Now a great deal of the process happens online. While this can help companies keep better track of where leads are in the buying cycle, self-service information means B2B organizations may have leads they are not aware of.

Content needs to be more targeted

These shifts in buyer behavior have required marketers to improve their content strategies to make sure they are tailoring marketing materials to their prospects. B2B organizations need to determine what their leads already know when they enter the sales funnel. Prospects may find outdated or incorrect information when they start their research. Content needs to deliver relevant, valuable information.

By identifying the blind spots in leads’ research process, marketing teams can create and publish more relevant materials. This can improve the sales funnel and help build the relationship with leads because they will feel like they are making a more informed decision.

It can be difficult for organizations to create this type of content, and it requires sales and marketing alignment. An online marketing system can help marketers better define their sales funnel and study where leads are in the funnel.