More than half of small businesses don’t have a website

Traditionally, small-business owners have been slow to adapt to modern technology, and Internet marketing methods are no exception. According to Yodle’s “Small Business Sentiment Survey,” 52 percent of local companies do not have a website. For small companies that engage in any kind of marketing effort, fewer than half are measuring the effectiveness of their chosen methods.

The reason many small businesses have not started a website is that they find it too complex. In the past, sales representatives from the Yellow Pages and local newspapers would visit small-business owners and deliver a pitch. These salespeople could deliver guidance on how to market, and the owner would not have to do much work to run an ad, Street Fight magazine said. Although there are a variety of ways for a business owner to create a website, many small companies avoid this because they lack the expertise. However, Internet marketing can be just as simple and is more effective. Many owners know they need an online presence, but when it comes to websites and search engine optimization, they don’t know where to start.

Why small-business owners need a website

Many companies are still pursuing a completely offline marketing strategy because they do not sell any products online. However, it’s risky to count on a target audience to find the business with no digital profile when consumers are spending more time online, according to The Guardian. Although business owners depend on being able to form relationships with their customers online, it is becoming more difficult to attract new clients without an Internet strategy.

A website gives consumers a way to find a business outside of normal operating hours. Owners who expect potential clients to call them only during their business hours may not be able to attract as many people. If a consumer is interested in a product or service and can’t find the business online, he or she may turn to another company.