Missing ingredient to business success?

You have a highly skilled sales team with reps who know how to communicate with customers, so why rock the boat? Sometimes it may still seem like something is missing when leads aren’t converting to sales. Whether your company is small or large, customer-facing or business-oriented, marketing automation can boost your success. Here’s a look at how an online marketing system can help your company generate higher quality sales leads:

Business bottlenecks can slow sales processes

Two of the biggest factors preventing organizations from getting stuff done were confusing processes or too many procedures, according to an infographic from Bonitasoft, a business process management software company. Trying to tackle too much with a lack of clarity contributed to missed deadlines, low employee morale, lost opportunities and dissatisfied customers.

The main culprit for these issues was poor employee communication. With a great deal at stake, your company needs to streamline processes and automate repetitive tasks so sales representatives can focus on their important interactions. In fact, many workers though implementing a new technology platform could help eliminate some of the bottlenecks.

Marketing automation is the missing piece

A marketing automation platform can reduce the complexity of processes by handling them automatically, making it easier for the marketing team to accurately segment their target market and for the sales team to track leads’ progress through the sales funnel. You can gain better real-time visibility into how your prospects are interacting with marketing materials. Rather than charging your marketing team with the tasks of sending out repetitive emails and monitoring website visits, the platform can do this for you, as well as schedule when communications will be sent out.

It isn’t just a tool to send emails. Marketing automation helps marketers create and send relevant content, such as white papers, blogs, case studies and webinars, which is what prospects are seeking. The nature of business buying is changing, and customers no longer want to call a salesperson to request a product brochure. Marketing automation improves Internet lead generation by capturing higher quality leads rather than just more prospects.

Salespeople are very busy between following up with leads, making new contacts and going to visit clients. It isn’t an effective use of their time to call cold prospects. Marketing automation delivers insights into the sales process so your reps know exactly where leads are, which allows marketing and sales to improve lead nurturing programs. Marketers can implement better lead scoring, which allows them to avoid passing leads that aren’t sales ready to representatives. With a powerful platform and a shared system of analytics, your marketing and sales teams can achieve better alignment, which will improve many lead generation and nurturing activities.

Don’t need marketing automation? Think again

Are you still reluctant to see the numerous benefits of marketing automation? You may think your company is too small, but it can experience the same benefits as larger organizations, as well as have an easier time implementing a new solution, Marketing Profs said.

Even if companies cater to a B2C audience, there is still value to be taken from marketing automation. Although marketing automation has traditionally occupied a key role in the realm of B2B marketing, B2C organizations can benefit because it helps them form more personal connections with their prospects. Consumer-facing organizations still need to know their prospects to more effectively reach them, and marketing automation supports this goal. B2C marketers still need to have a good understanding of their target audience so they can predict their questions and have the right answers ready. By harnessing the power of marketing automation, your organization can be more successful.