Maximizing ROI from keywords in emails

According to a study by Todd Krizelman from Media Radar, the number of dedicated, single advertiser emails is increasing. This means companies are beginning to move away from large-scale emails that encompass a major range of products and services to more personalized emails directed toward specific clients – such as taking a newsletter approach – this way of handling email marketing will likely be more successful in maximizing ROI than the old-school version of sending thousands of emails to different people. Although many companies find success in print advertising, niche industries have to rely on their emails and their internet lead generation for finding the best potential clients who are most likely to buy a product or service.

Targeting your emails

So how can companies maximize the ROI for each email sent? Good marketing software takes a very targeted approach. First, companies find the best keywords for their website, using the most recent information. Nate Dame from Search Engine Land reported that Google changes its algorithms for searches 500 times a year. That’s more than once a day! So how can you keep up? The easiest, most efficient answer is to make your keywords target people who actually want to buy your products – think of what your end user is most likely to type into a search page. So study your search engine page results, and see what comes up. The example Dame uses is “bed bugs.” When that is typed into Google, the most common result is “how to get rid of bed bugs,” which means that is what the typical user wants to know when he or she types in that keyword. Type in your own keywords to see what users will see. The information is tailored based on what people click on, so if you type in “engine repair for propeller planes,” or a similar niche industry, and find something about “how to repair your own propeller engine,” then you will know that you aren’t using proper keywords. Focus on words that people normally wouldn’t type in a casual search, such as specific industry terms.

Personable emails

For your emails, Ryan Pinkham of Forbes recommended that you make your emails easily recognizable, so that people know who is sending them. If readers don’t recognize the sender, they are more likely to mark it as spam or delete it. Use the advantages that many marketing software programs offer, and customize your email based on the audience. Offer a paragraph for each link people access on your website, such as an affordability section and a piece about quality service. Make sure that every link someone clicks on will result in a paragraph in the custom email he or she gets from you. Also, it’s always important to avoid sounding too much like an advertisement.

Marketing for niche clients is only difficult if you don’t know how to do it. Using email marketing software and proper keywords is the first step to getting great customers.