Martial arts studios increase enrollment with an automated platform

Martial arts studios are constantly focused on attracting new students to maintain the success of their organizations, but it can be difficult to keep enrollment high when relying on outdated marketing methods. Masters know they need to advertise in order to reach new students, but traditional advertising techniques, such as outdoor signs and radio ads can be costly and not as effective as Internet marketing.

Internet marketing methods can help studios re-brand themselves to attract new students. Studios with a reputation for focusing on Mixed Martial Arts may experience difficulty recruiting women students for classes, but marketing efforts can be used to express new class offerings. This can help to target more specific people. Additionally, utilizing online marketing can help martial arts studios expand to a wider geographical range because it is easier to reach more people. Through automation, studios can maintain a consistent brand identity that is easily recognizable by their target audience.

While some martial arts studios may be able to expand their reach with social media advertising, this can be time-consuming for Masters and instructors who have other priorities. This can bring in new students, but marketing automation platforms can reduce the number of time the Masters need to spend actively recruiting new students.

How marketing automation can boost enrollment

For many martial arts studios, a starting point is building a new website and focusing on search engine optimization. While these are highly useful techniques for driving more traffic to the website and ultimately to the studio, most Masters do not have the time or knowledge to constantly maintain their Web presence. An online marketing system can seamlessly identify and nurture potential students while Masters prepare for tournaments and attend to other tasks.

Traditional advertising pushes a brand message to consumers, but online marketing can pull in an interested audience, according to The Province. Online advertising is more targeted, so the appropriate people can be notified about the availability of classes, and they may make the first contact with the studio. The center can offer special promotions for free classes to encourage potential students to visit through marketing automation. Once students redeem coupons, it can be easier to get them to sign up for memberships.

When using marketing automation, studios can automatically run pre-built advertising campaigns and Masters can devote their time to students. In fact, studios can significantly boost enrollment by implementing a strategy of attracting, converting, and retaining students. Martial arts-specific marketing automation can increase exposure and boost website traffic by as much as 835 percent.