Marketing automation can-help-martial-arts-studios-increase-enrollment

Martial arts studios can gain more leads with online marketing

It can be difficult for martial arts studios to attract new students without Internet marketing methods. Some studios rely on outdated print advertisements in local newspapers, which do little to drive traffic. In an effort to gain new students, some studios will include coupons for free classes in their printed advertisements, but this may not generate a high return on investment.

The problem for many Masters is they know they need to promote their services, but they do not know where to start with online marketing. While skilled in martial arts, Internet advertising techniques often fall outside of their knowledge and experience. Masters are always busy, and they do not have time to learn about local marketing strategies.

One tried and true way studios seek to build their student base is by offering coupons for free classes. While this can raise awareness some and convince people to try out a class before they commit, the true potential of a coupon is not realized without supplementary tactics. In many cases, people who accept coupons never redeem them, and students who try one class do not join the studio, making it essential for Masters to nurture their student  leads.

Using marketing automation to build a student base and convert leads

With marketing automation, studios can more effectively target potential clients and convert consumers who have interacted with a coupon. If coupons are digital instead of printed, they will appear on viewer’s devices, and mobile strategies are immensely important to marketing. The studio can also use automation to remind recipients that their coupon is about to expire, which may prompt them to try a class while they can still use the offer.

After a person registers for a class, marketing automation helps studios stay in contact with people. The online marketing system can send an email to thank the individual for attending and encourage him or her to become a student.

Using Internet marketing methods can have positive results for martial arts studios. With a higher number of people visiting the website, studios can gain 150 percent more leads in as little as a few months. Online promotion can result in more people downloading coupons and higher enrollment numbers. This can make a huge difference for martial arts studios and help Masters grow their businesses.