Simplifying your Marketing Webinars with Marketing Automation

When hosting a webinar, you need your message to be heard and understood, which means that your presentation needs to be properly structured as well as be visually appealing. Putting a presentation together takes time, but fortunately, with the right templates for marketing webinars, you can have the right structure and formatting by simply downloading a template, and automatically plugging in your content.

If you want to, or you already do use webinars to reach out to customers, but you are struggling to generate registrations, the right webinar templates work to promote and secure registration for online events. With ready-to-use registration pages, email campaigns, webcast hosting and other tools, you can achieve:

  • An entertaining presentation
  • Easy learning for your audiences
  • Great value and content
  • And a little personality into the interaction

Many webinar platforms provide hosting service, but don’t deliver features to generate registrations. The right Marketing Automation platform (MAP) enables you to achieve just that. With easy pre-built templates, all you have to do is add your webinar details and all other pertinent information, and the rest takes care of itself: registration pages, reminder emails, and surveys, polling questions, Q&A, video, screen sharing and more.

Below is a list of the top features that you can use during your webinar with the right MA platform.

1. Tracking polling question responses

While you are asking polling questions during your webinar, you can automatically log the responses and connect them to the person along with their email address. Polling questions provide you with a way to determine where each prospect is in the buying cycle.

2. Track survey responses

Similar to polling questions, post-survey responses can also be logged in to the right MAP while being assigned to the contact that has provided the response. The right platform enables you to further qualify leads and see which are sales-ready compared to those that need more follow-up.

3. Post follow-up emails

“Thank you” emails are crucial after hosting a webinar. So are “Sorry we missed you” emails for those who did not attend even though they registered. Emails are an important tool in the follow-up process that makes it possible to identify where qualified prospects are in the sales cycle.

4. Video & slide hosting

Once you’ve finished your webinar, you can provide attendees with a landing page which enables them to get a recording of the presentation as well as the slide deck. This is a great way to grow you contact list – provide visitors the ability to download your presentation.

Key takeaway

Webinars are a very efficient way for participants to consume your information, but take a lot of effort to create. It takes time to prepare material and organize it. Fortunately, webinar templates give you the ability to design unique presentations that are accompanied by a myriad of features to really make an impact with audiences. From post follow-up emails, to easy video & slide hosting – webinar templates can ensure that you deliver the right messages to your audiences through your marketing webinars.