The Importance of Using Marketing Reporting Dashboards

The Importance of Measuring Efforts

Some of the best marketing and sales automation technologies available on the market today benefit marketers greatly in that they provide their clients with a visual representation of all their efforts. All relevant marketing and sales metrics are available to customers using user-friendly tools to demonstrate the performance and management of their marketing campaigns.

The freedom to input customizable data to see the immediate impact of some of the most critical efforts and concerns is complemented by the ability to retrieve quantifiable information of any scope in any marketing campaign. All elements of the marketing and sales process can be extracted and analyzed in-depth using marketing reporting dashboards. Marketing agencies that are able to prove their worth to their clients are capable of accessing information like executive overviews, branding, advertising, PR spend, pricing, collateral, media channels, and all other marketing components to measure efforts on all levels and eliminate campaigns that don’t work while focusing on the process of optimization of the ones that do.


What often happens for customers in which the marketing process is not yet automated, is that the Sales department is blamed for the inability to always hit sales goals. In the meantime, marketing is often left unaccountable for their actions because it becomes harder to measure their immediate efforts. Marketing reporting dashboards eliminate this concert. Accountability, in itself, is reporting. Marketing reporting dashboards act as performance management tools that enable marketers to measure and monitor the marketing performance of their clients’ efforts.

With valuable insight into the progress of each objective, marketers are able to account for each campaign, determine any problems, and adjust projections accordingly.

KPIs are the essential bits of information in effective marketing reporting dashboards. With valuable information gained as a result of good reporting, the marketing and sales process of your clients can be better aligned, while decisions can be more focused and directed toward achieving desired goals.

Moving from Guess Work to Hard Metrics

When an organization is set to improve its internal business processes, they are at the same time moving away from pursuing decisions and executing campaigns using a blindfold to applying metrics, analytics, and hard measurements to each set of goals. As marketers, it is important to measure every effort against the amount of time and money it takes to execute it, so marketing reporting dashboards allow us to move away from applying random efforts and enter the realm of more scientific data to yield the best results.

How do you think you’ll be able to improve your clients’ results by sharing marketing reporting dashboards with them?