One of the Must-Have Marketing Metrics You’re Most Likely Missing

Avoiding Incomplete and Inaccurate Marketing Data by Call Tracking Numbers

“Dynamic Number Insertion”: Doesn’t sound very sexy, does it? Well, depending on how you look at it…

But the fact of the matter is that we have been noticing a somewhat alarming trend of digital marketing agencies, marketing managers and businesses themselves not tracking incoming phone call metrics, leaving their marketing data incomplete and inaccurate. As you should know by now, “standard” web analytics approaches – such as looking at visitors, page views, bounce rates et al – are good, but in today’s multi-faceted, everything-in-a-minute world, marketers need to be able to track phone calls generated by their website, too.

Taking a Quick Look at Dynamic Number Insertion

What is “Dynamic Number Insertion” exactly? Well, ask yourself this question: Do you use your website as a marketing tool? If the answer is “yes,” then DNI enables you to accurately track and record specific data generated by a website and its incoming calls. This is not only beneficial for marketers, but business owners and marketing agencies as well, because now the number of incoming phone calls generated by a particular website can be tracked in real-time and very specifically AND specific data about the individual calling can be collected automatically.

So…Dynamic Number Insertion is not just about recording and reporting on incoming phone calls. Its real benefit comes from its ability to target WEB PROSPECTS with SPECIFICITY.

Call Tracking: The Real Deal

Taking advantage of a phone call data platform enables you to monitor calls and study your call analytics to see which tracking phone numbers are pulling in the most leads. Speaking of leads, incoming phone calls are generally considered high-quality leads, and as such tracking phone call data helps measure the effectiveness of a website while guiding marketers when optimizing the site for more phone call conversions. With the proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones, the mobile search sector has absolutely exploded, placing a significant impact on the performance of marketing campaigns…and this includes websites.

How can the process of call tracking numbers improve a business?

  • It saves money on advertising campaigns via efficient call polling.
  • It collects call data on caller ID, GPS location, call statistics and call duration using a call log system.
  • It uses phone call tracker software to improve phone call tracking ROI.
  • It provides custom notifications that are routed to an email address or mobile device.
  • It provides an analytic call tracking solution with extensive call reports at an affordable price.
  • It tracks phone numbers from web campaigns using the aforementioned online call log while improving social media analysis.

What Else You Need to Know

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) to track incoming phone calls from your website is as simple as using a call tracking solution that automatically replaces a contact number on a website with a phone number from a pool. The phone number used is unique to each concurrent visitor session – so when a call comes in, the call can be linked directly to the collected web session meta data , encompassing web session history, referral source(s), location information, caller ID information and more, as we touched on above.

Chances are you’re already using Google Analytics to track your web traffic. With call tracking, rich data is fed straight into your Google Analytics account for easy analysis.

A call tracking implementation as offered by ActiveDEMAND empowers your business to manage multiple call tracking campaigns from one account, going beyond mere incoming call tracking to get your phones actually ringing.

Are you tracking your incoming phone calls? If not, you’re missing out valuable marketing metrics to help refine and improve you marketing assets, like you website, and marketing campaigns.