The Marketing Funnel Builder

ActiveDEMAND’s easy-to-use workflow editor just learned a new trick: Marketing Funnel View. The Marketing Funnel View is a special, second view of a campaign that makes it easy to show clients and stakeholders how a specific campaign might work, why you need to optimize a landing page, why you may need more budget for advertising, or just to jot down ideas on how a particular campaign should work. Because it’s still ActiveDEMAND’s workflow builder, switching between the “what if” Marketing Funnel to “do it for real” Workflow View is easy. Some workflow actions and decisions can exist on both the Workflow View as well as Marketing Funnel View, making it super easy to switch modes and keep a simplified or fully accurate view.

Funnel Builder drag and drop editor

Marketing Funnel View lets you add in:

  • Marketing channels
  • Landing pages
  • Campaigns
  • Decisions
  • Waits
  • Marketing actions
  • and much more!
Funnel Builder View

In the example marketing funnel above, it’s easy to see:

  • Which marketing channels are driving traffic in this campaign
  • How Landing Pages and Thank you pages fit into the flow
  • Automation after the thank you page
  • How the overall flow works

Screenshots of these Marketing Funnel Views can be used in monthly client reports, quarterly reports to management, or in pitches when you’re trying to show your audience how your campaign is going to work. They’re also handy to optimize and troubleshoot campaigns by making it easier to visualize and identify bottlenecks that aren’t converting as they should.

Below, you can see how you can toggle between Marketing Funnel View and Workflow View modes: