How Marketing Automation Helps Lead Generation

“Lead Generation” is a service or goal of marketing. Lead generation typically involves SEO, Google & Facebook advertising, affiliate management, and sometimes includes webinars, emails, events, cold outreach, social posts, and more. Some marketing agencies even offer lead generation on a “pay for performance” model where clients pay for each lead. For those companies that need to hit ambitious lead goals, driving lead generation is a top priority and they cannot afford to spend time or money on marketing efforts that won’t drive new leads. For those companies, marketing automation platforms like ActiveDEMAND are key because they:

  1. do a much better job of tracking conversions, especially on high quality, low volume leads
  2. integrate with a wide variety of CRMs to close the loop with sales
  3. nurture high volume prospects into leads
  4. perform more marketing in less time

Better lead generation tracking with marketing automation

Most companies track some lead conversions in Google Analytics. Usually, website form fills and that’s it. Because Google Analytics is anonymous, it can be tough to track the high value, low volume leads when they’re mixed in with lots of low-quality leads. Some web forms will show last touch source/medium, but that only has limited value.

ActiveDEMAND tracks multi-touch and is not anonymous, so you can see the leads coming in, where they’re from, how many visits to the website it took, and importantly: who each lead is. Sometimes those million-dollar deals really do come in off a Google Ad, and it’s important to know how they came in so that you can get more like them.

It’s easier and more comprehensive in ActiveDEMAND to add more filters to incoming leads to prevent garbage leads from being sent to sales and counted as goals. After filtering for just the primo leads, you can choose to send just those leads as custom events to Google Analytics to score goals.

You can report from within ActiveDEMAND using custom dashboards and recurring email reports.

Integrate with CRM to close the loop with sales

Lead gen is just a means to an end: it’s an approach to driving more sales. Just blindly throwing leads “over the wall” from marketing to sales is usually a waste of energy. If there are too many crappy leads, sales will just ignore them all and focus on prospecting their own. If marketing doesn’t know which leads close in a sale more often, or for higher value, they’re also going to be wasting time and resources on leads that don’t matter.

When marketing can see the results of their work, it can help direct them to where they make the biggest impact. Getting relevant CRM data like lead wins and revenue amounts into the marketing automation platform should be a priority because it guides marketing. ActiveDEMAND has native integrations with many of the most popular CRMs.

Nurture high volume prospects into leads

Some marketing channels are great for getting a high volume of prospects, but they may not be qualified enough to send to sales. In these cases, it’s best for marketing to nurture those prospects using a high volume strategy. Usually, this means a nurture campaign that helps move prospects down the sales funnel towards the lead boundary. For us here at ActiveDEMAND, we use a nurture campaign for Facebook Lead Ad prospects.

Another great way to nurture high volume prospects is through smart remarketing. The built-in tech to allow remarketing with Facebook and Google is OK, but not super smart. Because ActiveDEMAND collects more signals and can use data from your CRM, you can better target prospects depending on where they are in the buyers journey. It also makes it more sure to stop annoyingly marketing to customers who already bought the product! In ActiveDEMAND, you can create custom audiences from a lot of info that isn’t available in Google Analytics, and you can expose those lists for remarketing to Facebook, Google, AdRoll, and more.

More marketing in less time

Some marketing techniques like running events, webinars, and sending emails produce leads: but take a lot of time to do. Administration time on events & webinars can be especially brutal. Marketing automation makes it easier to perform more of these activities in less time.

  • “Event/Webinar in a box” lets you run webinars off a proven recipe
  • A built-in email+SMS+Social platform makes it easier to do lots of activities in less time
  • Track all activities to campaigns so you can easily report and analyze results

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5-star   Reviews by Capterra

"We've been using ActiveDemand for over a year and have been very pleased with the results. It was easy to import our existing contacts into the database and build email campaigns targeted to our specific needs. The staff excels at customer service, guiding us through any questions we have and responding to our needs within a very short time period."

Gary Caffey, Marketing Manager, DTE