ActiveDEMAND Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a CRM/ERP package that many companies invested in the Microsoft ecosystem prefer. For those using Dynamics as a CRM, there is now a great new option for marketing automation to help fill the CRM with qualified new leads: ActiveDEMAND. ActiveDEMAND is a marketing automation platform that brings new capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With native, direct integration with Dynamics:

  • Keep contact data synchronized between Dynamics and ActiveDEMAND
  • Close the sales loop and provide accurate ROI data for marketing
  • Enable sales to send prospects into nurture campaigns or pull prospects out of campaigns
  • Better connect sales and marketing

More Superpowers for Marketing

With ActiveDEMAND marketing automation, marketing gains some new superpowers they didn’t have before, including:

  • Quick access to call tracking so you can spin up new tracking numbers for marketing campaigns
  • Easily build landing pages for better PPC quality scores and to keep users on track
  • Insert dynamic content on your website based on what you know about the prospect
  • Central location to execute on multiple marketing channels
    • Social posts
    • Email
    • Calls/text messages
    • Webinars
    • Event marketing

Better Marketing/Sales Alignment

In many companies, how marketing helps sales is a bit murky. That murkiness is greatly reduced when you integrate your marketing automation platform with your Dynamics CRM because marketing can gain insight into which deals are won or lost. When marketing knows how to send winning leads to sales, everyone wins. For many companies, marketing will own the contact until they do something interesting like ask for a quote, call in, etc. At that point, they’re considered a qualified lead, and marketing passes that lead on to sales. With Microsoft Dynamics integrated with the ActiveDEMAND marketing automation platform, that transfer can be automated with tracking on top so marketing knows when they sent a good lead over to sales and it closed. That feedback is critical to know which marketing channels and creative is driving sales and therefore, very important for optimizing marketing. You could also implement a lead claiming process to improve accountability.

Grant Sales Control

Integration is a two-way street. Not only does marketing get more accurate ROI data back from sales, but sales can send important signals to marketing. Salespeople confirm what products the client was interested in to make targeting more accurate, sales can set where the prospect is in the sales process so that marketing can take related actions, and sales can flag which prospects are super grumpy and not interested or worth any more communications. Sales can also directly control which User Drip Campaigns to put prospects in.

Dynamics and ActiveDEMAND Marketing Automation Powerhouse

Ultimately, building a Microsoft Dynamics + ActiveDEMAND sales and marketing stack makes for a repeatable way to drive revenue for a business. With marketing able to perform more activities with less time, as well as get better reporting on the activities helping to drive sales, marketing becomes a more effective department overall. Learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics ActiveDEMAND integration here.