Marketing automation improves sales practices

Companies used to be able to successfully market to customers by understanding what they needed at a particular time. Now businesses have to anticipate what their clients are going to do and proactively influence engagement during the buyer’s journey. An online marketing system can help organizations automate tasks and integrate workflows to generate leads and boost engagement.

For marketing automation to work effectively, data needs to be transformed into actionable insights that help companies send the right message at an appropriate time. These platforms can simplify operations because all customer data is stored in the same location so marketers can create profiles with prospects’ information.

Marketing automation allows companies to gather all the data leads are leaving in their interactions with the brand and interpret signals that the prospect is ready to talk to a sales professional, according to Econsultancy. In fact, marketing automation tools can often be linked to customer relationship management systems allowing sales representatives to get a better idea of cues prospects are sending. This helps the sales team to close more deals by improving how reps approach potential clients.

Marketing automation platforms increase sales and marketing collaboration

In addition to making some internal processes easier, marketing automation comes with monitoring and reporting tools that allow companies to determine what’s working and what isn’t. It can also reveal a clear return on investment of marketing campaigns. Studying key metrics can help the marketing team improve their efforts to influence the sales pipeline, and these tools can boost collaboration between the two teams because sales reps have a clearer understanding of how marketing campaigns influence the number of deals they can secure.

These platforms can help companies attract relevant leads. After implementing a marketing automation system with lead scoring, some teams actually see their number of prospects go down because the system only captures leads who would be ideal customers, not just anyone that visits the website and enters their contact information, Econsultancy said. Having fewer leads who are more qualified helps the sales team spend their time more productively because they aren’t following up with prospects who are not interested.

Some platforms enable predictive analytics, and this can help businesses decrease customer and revenue churn, according to Direct Marketing News. Utilizing customer insights can help companies increase revenue.