Marketing automation helps companies sort through website traffic

Many B2B companies utilize Internet lead generation methods and study a variety of metrics to determine the effectiveness of their marketing. A common metric that marketers analyze is website traffic, but this is not necessarily an accurate reading of how well a campaign is performing.

High website traffic is good if marketers are capturing leads. However, traffic can be a confusing indicator of success because prospects often visit a website several times before making a decision while they are weighing their options. If buyers access the site from different devices, marketers could think they were receiving more traffic because some analytics tools would count this as different visitors. Marketing automation platforms can help B2B companies determine where traffic is coming from and how much they are converting.

Importance of getting an accurate picture of website traffic

B2B marketing teams have a huge amount of information, but it can be difficult to make sense of it without the right tools analyze information. Data is meaningless without analytics and reporting tools to generate actionable insights. The B2B sales cycle has a greater number of steps than consumer purchasing, and website visitors may display different levels of engagement, such as downloading a white paper or signing up for a webinar, according to ClickZ.

If companies aren’t getting enough traffic to their websites, marketing automation can identify issues with it and help marketers make improvements to maximize the return on investment of their sites. The analytics tools in marketing automation platforms can help marketers increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. In some cases, tweaks to pages on the site may be necessary to determine where improvements are needed, but analytics identify these parts of the site.

Without data, B2B companies can’t make concrete improvements, or they will make assumptions and rely on guesswork. Data can significantly inform any marketing strategy to create a meaningful and relevant customer experience. Data is so ingrained in marketing now that B2B buyers hardly notice the tactics companies employ to track them, ClickZ said. Analyzing information can help B2B organizations build relationships with their clients, and marketing automation is a crucial tool to make this happen. These platforms can make marketing and sales team operate more efficiently.