Your Marketing Agency and Call Tracking: A Match Made in Client Satisfaction Heaven

Think the “art” of the classic phone call is a long dead and buried notion in this age of smartphones and habitual texting? Well, for smart digital marketers they’re sure not – in fact, they are a vital element to their business operations. If you are a digital marketer representing a marketing agency, I’m sure you understand the vital importance of the phone call…especially with regard to how tracking calls are absolutely essential to your clients’ success.

Phone calls are likely the point of contact closest to making a sale, and for many types of purchases (and their corresponding businesses) people simply won’t spend their money if they cannot communicate with a representative of some kind on the phone. For these types of purchases, if you are not call tracking, you’re not tracking at all…and, what’s worse, if you cannot begin showing results for your clients, your competency may be questioned.

As a marketing tool you can use to demonstrate to your clients that their money is being spent wisely, call tracking provides ROI (Return on Investment) figures to present to them – while behind the scenes it provides you the hard data you need to keep improving those numbers. If you haven’t guessed already, call tracking and marketing fit like a hand in glove, and there are some ways to specifically use call tracking to your benefit as a representative of a marketing agency.

Track Multi-channel Campaigns

Most of your clients probably aren’t engaging in just one type of advertising, and because they look to you to help them reach customers wherever they may be – in their homes, at work, in their cars, everywhere – it’s understandable they turn to your agency to make that contact. But if their phones aren’t ringing, how will they know if it’s a billboard or their website driving the business? The only way you can get hard data comparing the two is to track calls coming from each.

If your client thinks it’s the billboard making the phone ring, it’s hard to convince them otherwise – UNLESS you can show them which calls are coming from the website and which are being derived from offline marketing efforts like billboards or direct mail campaigns.

Better Testing for Campaigns

You also need to know – as does your client! – why one ad channel may be making the phone ring and not the other; if you’re not measuring calls, how do you know what really works? The answer is, you can’t. That’s what makes call tracking vital to your testing efforts…being able to track both online form completions and phone calls will really improve your testing.

Of course, these are merely two of the myriad of ways call tracking can be of benefit to modern digital marketing agencies. What’s important to know is that call tracking takes your marketing out of the past and into the future…take your first step into the future by learning all the things that call tracking can do for your marketing efforts.