Marketing Agencies: Give Your Client an Edge with Whisper Messages

Imagine being able to provide a service for your clients that could analyze for them why customers are calling their business… before the call even begins? Undoubtedly, you would have the upper hand amongst your fellow marketing representative peers, right? Allow us to introduce you to the concept of whisper messages, themselves a sub-category of call tracking, which are an ideal way of immediately finding out which marketing campaign promoted a phone call, in turn helping you tailor an approach for every caller before the call even begins.

A “whisper message” is a brief message that is played before a call is connected, and only the individual answering the phone hears it – it is not audible to the caller him or herself. This important aspect of call tracking provides marketing executives real-time information by indicating which marketing campaign or channel a call is coming from. But more importantly, it gives key information that helps your clients be better prepared and close more sales… and believe us when we tell you they will love you for this.

If you’re representing a client that engages in a good deal of phone call interaction, understanding call tracking and whisper messaging is essential. Believe it or not, many people simply won’t spend money if they can’t get someone on the phone, even in this day and age of relentless texting, surfing, instant messaging and tweeting. For these types of customers, if your client isn’t employing call tracking, they’re not tracking at all. What’s worse, if you can’t demonstrate results for your client, questions start to be asked.

Think about it: If your client’s phone isn’t ringing, how are they to know if it’s their billboard or their website driving the business? Call tracking, and, similarly, whisper messaging, is a marketing tool for businesses and agencies representing them that ensures marketing efforts are paying off. It can provide hard ROI figures to present to your client, while giving you the hard data behind the scenes that you need to keep improving those numbers.

Whisper messaging provides more than just some basic information on each caller including:

  • Which marketing campaign effectively hooked the lead.
  • What product or service was of most interest.
  • Data to properly score incoming leads to make better use of time and resources.

Here’s the most important thing to take out of all this: Whisper messages help connect key dots for a clearer picture of a caller’s wants, needs, and preferences.