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How to market industrial automation

The B2B industry encompasses a wide range of sectors, from chemicals to business software to manufacturing equipment. Since products, industries and customers are all different, organizations need to carefully tailor their marketing campaigns to match. B2B purchases often involve a major financial commitment and can impact a company’s profits for years to come. In particular, industrial automation can improve with an online marketing system.

While not all B2B purchases impact everyone in an organization, industrial automation is a highly visible part of a manufacturing operation, Because this makes it a harder sell, providers need to create targeted and relevant marketing communications. The right solution can add significant value to an organization, but the stakes are high for making a good choice because the wrong industrial automation platform can have huge consequences.

A new e-book from JumpDEMAND highlights the unique way industrial automation providers need to market their products. Among the topic areas are the following:

1. Industrial automation customers

Since implementation of this kind of solution significantly impacts employees and production processes, multiple people are usually involved in choosing the solution.

2. The purchasing process

Like all B2B investments, industrial automation requires an extended decision-making process, and it may take a long time to implement the solution the company chooses.

3. How industrial automation providers can market to their prospects

Because these solutions may be purchased by manufacturers or partners, there are different customer segments and they will require different marketing campaigns. Providers can use marketing automation to create informative content for different groups of buyers and educate them on why the product is the best choice.

JumpDEMAND provides answers to these questions and more information on these topics in the e-book, “Marketing Industrial Automation Products.” For a free download, click here.

Marketing Industrial Automation Products
Free Ebook
This eBook reviews the product, the customer, and the purchasing process, and it provides some guidance for industrial automation marketers. It also makes the argument that marketing automation is an essential tool for success in industrial automation product marketing.

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