Manage Multiple Separate Business Units Operating Under the Same Website or URL

ActiveDEMAND has some of the best support for multi-tenant businesses like marketing agencies, senior living providers, franchises, and other businesses that need to manage and market for multiple different sub-accounts and brands. One of the more interesting ways this plays out is that ActiveDEMAND can easily handle managing multiple separate business units that operate under the same website or URL.

Segregation by business unit

The most common cause of having multiple sub-accounts or brands under 1 URL is when businesses have divisions, business units, or sub-brands that specialize. At the very least, this usually means separate salespeople who focus on these different verticals, but it can also include separate operations and marketing personnel.

Segregation by Location/FranchiseManaging multiple brands in ActiveDEMAND can be done by location or franchise.

Another common example is to support independent local franchises. These operate as independent businesses but under the “mothership” website. *good for brand loyalty*

Lead distribution

Since we’ve got separate salespeople who have specific focuses, we need to distribute the incoming leads appropriately. Thankfully, ActiveDEMAND has incredibly flexible lead management and distribution features, so it’s easy to make the system fit business processes.

Attribution flow

ActiveDEMAND attribution for multiple brandsWith different marketing campaigns, attribution is important. You need to know where those leads are coming from, even if the overlap of webpages and sub-brands is complex.

Maintaining location brand awareness for people looking engage with their local location

AD supports unique marketing for each location: FB page, other socials, and distribution lists. The mothership can use rollup reports to compare performance across multiple locations. Owners who have multiple franchises or locations can use rollup to compare their performance as well.

For more information on how ActiveDEMAND supports multi-tenants check out our Manage Multiple Accounts (Multi-tenant) support page.