What Kind of “Door” Does Your Landing Page Represent?

Website landing pages can represent an open invitation or a barrier to stop that entry – there are many elements that contribute to making or breaking a truly effective landing page, including look, feel, design, impression, clear messaging, unambiguous calls-to-action, consistent branding, trust, responsive design for mobile use and beyond. But at the top of your list should be personalization…that is, creating an individual experience at the landing page stage.

You can think of creating powerful landing pages as similar to designing buildings: Even with the best training, good materials and a state-of-the-art studio, it still remains a challenge to come up with many original, signature buildings that keep patrons lining up for more. In an online marketplace that has adopted landing page optimization as a basic practice, anything less than a regular increase in conversions means falling behind. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to take advantage of technology that supports your client’s request for a landing page experience that dazzles the senses.

But how do you go about creating that ’signature opera house’ of landing page personalization that proclaims success? You should know by now that the more the landing page connects with customers, the more likely it is to convert…but imagine being able to make that connection automatically, based on data already available? No matter how well-crafted a static landing page may be, a personalized experience offers a significantly and dramatically more compelling advantage. Building upon your client’s customer data such as geo-location, time and past behavior, dynamically-generated personalized content will outperform the static control virtually every time.

What You’ll Need in Your Landing Page Personalization Plan

  • The landing page builder (an intuitive system that creates tens or hundreds of landing page variations, complete with condition-based targeting abilities).
  • Extra-rich customer “data sets” including name, company, gender, behavioral history, geographic location, past interests and so on.
  • A super-intelligent conversion optimization platform to bring it all together – maximizing ROI and making automated content delivery decisions on the fly.

How to Execute Your Landing Page Optimization Project

  1. Profile the target audience by way of customer persona based on relevant demographics, interest level, visiting stage, online behavior, etc.
  2. Determine the specific content you want to deliver to each persona.
  3. Create different landing pages for each persona.
  4. Personalize the landing pages via dynamic content variations; test different combinations of calls-to-action, visuals and wording, ultimately tailored per specific customer.

Now, all you have to do is sit back, relax and let the personalized landing pages do all the work…and, of course, celebrate once the results start rolling in.