Introducing User Drip Campaigns

For most contact-based drip campaigns, the starting step is based on an audience list. The User Drip campaign simplifies this so that contacts can be added directly to a drip campaign.

The best drip campaigns detect customer behaviors and smartly add prospects to the right drip based on those signals, but there are times when manually adding a prospect to a campaign is nice.

Sometimes salespeople want to add a prospect to a campaign, other times marketing may see some context that would be difficult to detect for and they may want to manually add a contact to a drip campaign. Enter ActiveDEMAND’s new User Drip Campaigns.

Because they’re made to support manual additions, we also expose which other User Drip Campaigns contacts have been added. This should help salespeople and marketers because they’ll see when contacts are already added to other campaigns and avoid over-subscribing, and annoying, potential prospects.

From within the ActiveDEMAND Chrome plugin, you can now:

  • Add contacts directly to user drip campaigns
  • See which campaigns they’re already in
    • See which step of the campaign they’re in

This makes it easy for salespeople to see and change what campaigns their clients and prospects are in.