Kickstarting Your Internet Marketing Campaign with the Right Marketing Automation Platform

Using an internet marketing campaign to build your brand

An effective Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) give a marketer complete control over her internet marketing campaign activities. If you are looking to send an email campaign or set up a webinar with multiple outbound messages and registration forms, a MAP houses all the capabilities to help you achieve all of your marketing campaign activities.

Below is a list of 4 features that an effective marketing campaign can accomplish for your business.

1. Everything in one place

If you need to manage an internet marketing campaign, a MAP can enable you to do just that. Top performing marketers know that lead management is a key marketing process that ensures that there is an organized list of contacts that could be segmented, nurtured and tracked. Beyond lead management, a MAP enables marketers to execute various internet marketing campaigns. A marketing campaign can include things like email, call-to-action landing pages, registration forms, survey’s and more. Everything that needs to be managed in terms of inbound marketing can be done with the right Marketing Automation platform.

2. Campaign templates

The right MAP can get you up and running quickly and easily executing any campaign you can imagine. If you are offering a training course on a regular basis, with the right template functionality you can automate processes like promotions, registration and follow-ups. With customizable campaign templates, you can meet all of your internet marketing campaign needs like fully responsive campaigns that are flexible and functional. Campaign templates make it possible to work with ones that have been pre-tested increasing the likelihood that they will work.

3. Brand Management

An all-in-one Marketing Automation platform enables you to define your brand colors and images for specific campaigns and then enables you to apply that branding across all of your marketing collateral. Allowing your audiences to identify your brand makes you instantly recognized. You can further demonstrate that you are an expert in your industry as your brand will be consistent and seen throughout all of your engagement activities.

4. Integrated reporting

Monitoring the performance of your marketing campaigns is an important part of gathering data and insights on your prospects so that you can further refine your messages for future campaigns. With reporting, you can see who is viewing your website, clicking on your emails and completing your call-to-action forms. Reporting is critical in executing internet marketing campaigns. The more you know about your audiences, the better you can engage with them.
Internet marketing campaigns are the main methods of communicating with your audiences that reinforce your brand position. Good campaigns enable a company to have a uniform brand that provides a series of touchpoints with customers. To cut through the noise, you have to deliver messages through various channels and the right Marketing Automation platform can get you there.