Integration with Crisp Messaging

Crisp is a chat app that startups and SMBs embed on their website to allow prospects to ask questions of salespeople as well as to have chat support for their own clients. After evaluating a few different chat platforms, we chose to go with Crisp because of their focus on automation, just like us! Because we use it, we got busy integrating all the cool features and we want to share what we’ve got that you can now use if you use ActiveDEMAND and Crisp.

New Chat -> Prospect

The biggest use case of integrating Crisp with ActiveDEMAND is in integrating chat data as prospect signals. These chats can be used to:

  1. Create new leads for chats with new contacts
  2. Enhance data on existing contacts

Chat transcripts from Crisp chats get added to the ActiveDEMAND activity stream for each prospect, so you can create automation based on them. If they mentioned “quote” in the chat, you can automate action based on that. If they mentioned what product they’re interested in, you can automatically start personalizing your website, add them to relevant drip campaigns, and other marketing communications for that user.

Because ActiveDEMAND offers robust filtering and workflow logic, it’s also a better choice for filtering potential chat leads before sending those leads to sales via email or directly adding them to one of the many CRMs that ActiveDEMAND supports.

Chat added to History Timeline

If you’re interested in integrating Crisp with ActiveDEMAND, check out this succinct support article.