Integrated Call Tracking Gives Marketing Agencies Greater Insight into Campaign Performance

ActiveDEMAND™ provides easy-to-manage call tracking of marketing campaigns

JumpDEMAND Inc. just released the latest version of its one-stop integrated marketing platform ActiveDEMAND™, which includes advanced call tracking capabilities for marketing agencies.

Integrated Call Tracking
Despite the prevalence of analytics tools to track marketing performance and return on investment (ROI), gaps still remain when it comes to measuring customer engagement accurately. Google reports that more than 40 million phone calls are made each month from Google’s Search Engine Results Page, yet very few organizations track incoming telephone calls and integrate that data into their reporting.

With call volume as big as it is, many marketing agencies under-report campaign performance simply because they rely solely on online conversions such as purchases, form submits, downloads or sign-ups.

“It is no longer acceptable for businesses to allocate a marketing budget and not accurately know how it impacts their business,” says Brian Neufeld, CMO of JumpDEMAND. “The tools exist for businesses to measure ALL marketing spend and use those tools to see continuous improvement.”

The newest release of the ActiveDEMAND Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) integrated marketing platform allows marketing agencies to easily assign telephone numbers to clients’ campaigns for both online and offline activities. ActiveDEMAND with truly integrated call tracking provides benefits for both marketing agencies and their clients. Agencies improve campaign performance by recognizing previously unidentified conversions and clients get a more accurate look into their marketing spend ROI.

“As industry leaders in search engine optimization (SEO) and web development we understand the importance of having full visibility into what is driving qualified traffic and sales for our clients,” says Adriel Michaud, Partner at Top Draw. “Being able to accurately report metrics to our clients across all their campaign initiatives in a timely manner is key to customer satisfaction and retention. ActiveDEMAND gives us all the necessary information, including integrated call tracking metrics, to succeed in getting the best results for our clients with the data to prove it.”

About JumpDEMAND Inc.

JumpDEMAND is an “E-Marketing as a Service” provider for small and medium sized businesses. JumpDEMAND leverages advanced e-marketing strategies, automation technology, and sales management expertise to deliver their solutions. Unlike other marketing firms in this space that focus their efforts on traditional marketing techniques that are hard if not impossible to demonstrate returns, or alternatively provide tools instead of expertise, JumpDEMAND combines the use of revenue funnel automation technology and sales expertise to deliver measurable results. JumpDEMAND closes the sales and marketing gap by working closely with our customers to increase their ROI on marketing and sales expenditures through automation and measurement of the marketing and sales funnels.