Integrate GoToMeeting with your CRM using ActiveDEMAND

Covid and work from home have made video conferencing the norm for many companies. Most companies jumped into video conferencing but experienced a lot of overhead from managing video meetings and don’t get some of the benefits that automation can bring.

GoToMeeting already has a Google/Microsoft Office integration that makes it easy for your salespeople to create new GoToMeetings ad-hoc. But beyond that, there’s a lot of power that you can get from an ActiveDEMAND native integration with your CRM and GoToMeeting.

What can ActiveDEMAND do when integrating GoToMeeting with your CRM?

  • The ActiveDEMAND Appointment Scheduler lets people self-book appointments, demos, first meetings, etc.
    • It integrates with your Google or Microsoft work calendars so that meetings are only booked where there’s time
  • We can auto-create the GoToMeeting link and send it to the attendee and presenter
  • We can post when the meeting gets booked into your CRM
  • We can send the prospect email or SMS text message reminders so they know the meeting is coming up
  • We can create CRM tasks to remind you to call the prospect before or after the meeting
  • We can post the meeting details and a link to the recording into your CRM so you have GoToMeeting details at your fingertips
  • We can perform automation based on attendance (ie: if they missed the meeting, we can encourage them to re-book)

If your business does demos, facility tours, or needs assessment meetings as a way to convert prospects into leads/opportunities, this solution really slashes the admin time required and makes it easier to scale up these types of meetings to a high volume.

Note: if you have GoToMeeting business edition and automatically save your meeting recordings in the cloud, we can post the links to those recordings into your CRM so you can easily review the meetings later if you need to.

Meeting attendance and recording link captured in ActiveDEMAND.

Meeting attendance and recording link captured in ActiveDEMAND. This can be posted to your CRM

Integrating GoToMeeting and Pipedrive

With our direct, native connection to Pipedrive, you can get better visibility into your GoToMeetings right inside Pipedrive. ActiveDEMAND can post when the meeting happened, create new deals based on appointments, post attendance details, schedule follow-up calls, and more.

meeting data posted to your crm

Integrate GoToMeeting and Microsoft Dynamics

Many Microsoft Dynamics customers use Microsoft Teams, but our integration and automation can tighten up your sales meeting process for those who use GoToMeeting.

Connect GoToMeeting and Pipeline CRM

ActiveDEMAND has a feature-rich native integration with Pipeline CRM. ActiveDEMAND supports creating deals, creating timeline/activity notes, and scheduling activities inside Pipeline. Inside the Pipeline interface, you can also see lead insights, add prospects or customers to drip campaigns, and perform other ActiveDEMAND actions.

Connect NoCRM and GoToMeeting

With ActiveDEMAND automating and managing your GoToMeetings, you will save time and get information about meetings right inside NoCRM. You can lean hard on automation to do the things an assistant would normally do such as helping prospects find open times to book,  managing meetings, reminding prospects about upcoming meetings, and posting all the useful stuff up into NoCRM. You can add to the contact’s timeline and post deals directly from inside ActiveDEMAND automatically.

Integrating GoToMeeting and Nimble

Nimble’s contact enrichment and fantastic integration with Google and Microsoft Office make it a great choice for many teams. Adding ActiveDEMAND and our native integration with GoToMeeting makes it easy to automate video meetings, log video meeting details to your CRM, and save time on appointments.

Didn’t see your CRM listed? We connect so many that it gets repetitive writing about them. Check if we have an integration with your CRM here.

Want to integrate GoToWebinar with your CRM? ActiveDEMAND does that too!