Individual Client Dashboards: The Personal Touch

Every marketing agency needs to report its progress to its clients, but it’s not only what is reported that is important…it’s how that information is presented that is just as vital. Similarly, the concept of personalization is not only important to attracting prospects for your clients, it is important with regard to how agencies interact with their clients – an integrated marketing platform provides customizable client-level reporting that is easy to create and execute. Through solutions like ActiveDEMAND, marketing professionals don’t have to merely report at the end of the month…real-time or triggered notifications on important events can be achieved. This lets the agency keep their brand – and the value it provides to its clients – at the top of everyone’s mind.

With integrated marketing platforms, data can be turned into useful information so you obtain the information you need, when you need it, and you can monitor performance across an entire business landscape through tools such as a marketing analytics dashboard, sales trend overviews, case reports and customer profiles. Individual users can take advantage of customizable dashboards to meet the requirements of their specific role, as well as help track key metrics across an organization.

Marketing agencies undertaking these types of tasks benefit by:

  • Creating real-time reports and dashboards on any CRM metric, without having to rely on administrators for support
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of marketing programs, sales opportunities and support cases
  • Sharing/restricting access to reports and dashboards across teams
  • Viewing HTML5-based charts on tablet computers and other mobile devices

Here’s the thing you need to know about a digital marketing dashboard: You can help your own clients understand their customers by bringing all of your data together so everyone in your organization and your client’s can explore, gain intelligence and inform strategies to increase business performance. Many agencies dabbling in the world of web-based/Internet marketing, believe it or not, often rely on Excel and Word to create analytics reports for clients. As you can imagine, this is a manual process that involves a great deal of copying and pasting – yet, as we can attest to, an agency’s main value-add shouldn’t be report creation but rather the analysis of data and provision of key findings and recommendations to clients.

While certain tools like Google Analytics provide the utensils to “finely dice” the data, many digital marketing agencies also want to present clients with personalized reports, complete with the agency’s logo, while also delivering and sharing reports without requiring users to log in…especially in large organizations, where report distribution can evolve into an onerous administrative process.

Integrated marketing automation platforms address these challenges with dashboards that combine simple automatic reporting with accessibility – the bottom line? Marketers like you spend less time creating reports and more time analyzing.